I'm not a fashion designer but years of being around them has caused me to pick up some (good) habits. I've noticed this year that I've been very drawn to colours that I closely associate with nature, the coast and and have grown fascinated with collecting classic blue & white porcelain.  When I spent a week in Devon this year I knew high on my list of activities would be taking photographs but I never imagined that the colours and ideas I took home with me would have such a lasting impression. I think since Britain is an island the coastline is more prominent in our national consciousness more than we often realise nowadays and our history as seafarers has long brought us into contact with far-flung places as well as much the world's rich and exquisite art. Below I have put together a series of photos that have contributed to the palette I intend to use to develop my first small collection of textiles and possibly some clothing. I've been watching people make clothes for a long time and now I want to be involved and seeing some of my own ideas realised.  Not to mention these have been some of my favourite photos of the year so far and it's nice to see them put to good use. As always I encourage your feedback and criticism.