Open House Sale

If you're wondering why I've been a bit quiet this week it's because I've been turning my house into a shop for what turned into a weekend long house party! I decided that with this big move in my life it's time to get rid of everything I neither need or use anymore and decided to do it by throwing an open house sale.

I first came across this concept way back when I was still an intern and my boss would throw these incredible open studio events at her house. She'd invite all her most loyal customers and give them a chance to look around her work spaces, see new samples and meet other like minded people. In a similar respect I wanted to be able to throw a party that would A) help me get rid of my stuff B)Make sure it all goes to a good home C) give people a chance to see my work and what I do and D) give me a chance to see all my friends  before I leave.

I have to say I'm absolutely overwhelmed with the response and quite proud to have thrown what one person called such a 'progressive party'. It spanned the best part of two days and allowed everyone to turn up on their own steam. Every time the conversation seemed to slow someone new would arrive and change the dynamics, livening everyone up. The place was never over crowded or too rowdy, I had so many interesting and engaging conversations and I sold A LOT meaning the party pretty much paid for itself. Between intellectual debates and live music I managed to take a breather and go down to Ryan's bar for a gig too!Usually I'm not really much into throwing parties but this is one I style of gathering I would definitely recommend for the more chilled out, anxious/introverted people out there.

It was also really interesting and fun to put all my art, clothes and furniture on show. I have changed sizes and styles so many times in the last 10 years, even with becoming way more ruthless with what I buy and keep there was still an impressive collection. It was quite satisfying to see it all laid out on display in one place. I'd say the biggest sellers were furniture and clothes, most of which went to my good friends which I'm really happy about as most of things I have kept over the years are quite sentimental to me.

It's just left to say a big thank you to everyone who came, whether you came to buy or just to show your support I don't mind telling you all how much it means to me.  I may be moving on but Derby and the people I've met here will always have a special place in my mind and heart. The kindness of community of this town is too often underrated and while it may not be as big or as glamorous as other cities I'm still proud to have called it my home for 10 years now! I'm so pleased I got to say goodbye to my friends in this way and I heartily recommend it to anyone else who's planning on moving on to a new town.  Thank you so much my friends and family. You are the ones who make it worthwhile. xxx