Found: Berlin 101


  It's been a week since I arrived in Berlin and a lot has happened in that time. I've found a place to live, explored the city, made new friends and I'm already starting to feel quite settled. With that I have inevitably started to explore the shopping potential in my area and I'm sure it will come as no surprise that there are A LOT of excellent shops, stores and boutiques that it can actually be bit a overwhelming. 

  Which is why, in the face of so many new choices and a tight budget, I have remained quite reserved about new purchases so far. I decided to make a list and have tried exceptionally hard not to stray. Inevitably though I have treated myself to one or two things but tried to keep them useful and/or small. 

So let's get into what I've found so far. 


I've never been great and staying in contact with friends at home when I'm abroad. I  always say I'll send a postcard, i'll call once a week, I'll skype, but inevitably months whizz by before anyone at home hears a peep out of me. I'm determined not to let that happen this time so as well as regular skype meetings I'm going to go old school with some good old fashioned snail mail. Although it's really just a cunning excuse to buy lots of witty and pretty cards like these 3 that I picked up from Ebert Und Weber. The store itself contains loads of great titles and while I was in there I heard someone come in and order a book on Brecht. Immediately intrigued I had to go talk to him and discover he was English too. He was able to get his book ordered for the very next day which is excellent service. Great shop. 


Not only is this shop cool as f**k, but this book so far has been invaluable so far. Initiated by founder Sissel Hanson  who came to Berlin to start up a business for herself, it contains tonnes of advice, case studies and important information on the realities of living in Germany and running a business. I'm about half way through and I've already started using a few of it's recommendations such as Smarter German and Somewhere.  If you're considering moving here, especially to jump on the Start Up scene I highly recommend it. 


Any friends who have travelled with me through customs will know exactly why this bag proper made me chuckle. It is also from one of my favourite shops in the Kruezberg..  with it's kitschy pink interiors jammed packed with funky jewellery, 2nd hand gems and razor sharp tote bags this is a shop I will be revisiting in the future.


This another one of my favourite shops. Humana is a 5 story palace of all things 2nd hand & vintage. I actually haven't purchased any clothes here as there is just so much to scour through I think I need to go armed with a well thought through list of things to hunt through otherwise I'll just just get lost. As I was in need of some bedding though I went there and picked up a really cute and comfy, pillow cover (don't you just love the sheep? ) and a floral eiderdown straight outt the 60's. I love unusual textiles  and with shops like Humana around I could imagine never having to buy anything brand new at all. I did however, have to pick up the cushion from Poco so I'm not there yet but I'm still happy with my pretty new purchases. 

I invite you to check back in a couple of days and see the new apartment, and check out my new room. Please leave your comments below and if you have any questions don't hestitate to contact me. Auf Wiedersehen, Tori x