Apartment Life

Apartment Life 1

  Ok so I know I said that I'd get these pics to you last week but I've been ill ok? Sorry. Anyways, I've been here 2 weeks now and one thing I learned quickly here is that finding a place to live in Berlin is HARD. I searched for months to find mine and went to numerous 'interviews' followed by days glued to laptop anxiously refreshing my emails every five minutes hoping for a reply. I had heard horror stories of people sleeping on couches for 6 months, moving every month from temporary accommodation to more temporary accommodation. Then there was negotiating to minefield that is Berlin's WG-Gesucht which is basically Germany's equivalent of Rightmove/Gumtree and a favourite haunt of scammers. I don't mind telling you now that I was starting to worry that I would be homeless within a week when my luck turned and I landed a place in a beautiful apartment in West Berlin.  

  As you can see this is a pretty typical Berlin apartment, one of the turn of the century building and while it no longer has any of the stucco that you still find in many of the Altbau style buildings it still of course has the characteristic high ceilings and absolutely huge windows and doors.  It has been inhabited my my flatmate and fellow artist Stuart Wolfe for many years and he has filled it with many of his own creations,in particular all of the lighting are his own creations made from recycled parts and that apartment is full of artwork, sculptures and either handmade or antique furniture.  I recommend you check out his work here.

Oh and a roll top bath that is sooooo deep and comfortable. I've never been a big fan of baths but this one is a luxury, so if anyone wants an idea of what to get me for Christmas....Bubble Bath please!

Lastly my favourite room, of course, is my bedroom. it's big and white from floor to ceiling which makes me really happy, with another big window and a whole wall of soft, sheer drapes. Stuart was kind enough to loan me a desk of some A frames and a very large sheet of wood which I really like and I have a few of his bespoke pieces in my room including this bike/lamp which is camped in here until it goes off to a show in Hamburg in a few weeks. I don't have a bed yet as I'm saving up for a sofa bed so I can conserve floor space and have somewhere for guests to sit when they come over. So for now I'm making do with a very Zen style blanket bed on the floor. 

  I love how minimal this room feels yet with ever feeling cold. It's actually a really girly bedroom to me and full of charm. I already love living here and I know I'm very lucky to have landed on my feet.  It is exactly the kind of place i've always pictured as a 'typical' apartment in Berlin but it's so rare that life and expectations match up right? Anyway I hope you've enjoyed my house tour and share you thoughts and comments below. Next time I will be sharing some explorations of my neighbourhood and soon you can see some details of work I've been doing so there's plenty to look forward to. Thanks so much for stopping by. Auf Wiedersehen! x