Screenshot 2015-02-19 14.19.09.png

I decided to redesign Leren's website, partly because I didn't feel like the old website was quite working and it was starting to seem messy to me, partly because I get bored easily so constantly tinkering with the design really helps keep me involved and motivated. I decided to go back to a predominately white theme but with just a splash of colour that can be easily changed to fit our moods/the weather. I also decided to utilise the new Squarespace 7 cover pages to create a landing pages and help incorporate the new shop which Leren wanted to distinguish as quite separate in style. I also changed the shop layout quite radically to allow alternate image rollovers and a interest inspired layout which I just love. 

I've also decided to re-purpose our usually deserted blog as our homepage so it's far more reminiscent of how we used to do things on To Be Irreplaceable as Leren was missing the interaction with her readers and I thought it's much easier to update.  As a result I'm very happy with it now, it's clean, stylish and very functional.