Sometimes I can't believe I'm a web designer. A few years ago I was making sites on blogger with my battered old lap top, learning to code as I went along, getting to grips with my first DSLR and now (thanks in part to squarespace) I manage three separate websites and my photography has come on leaps and bounds. Just look how at how pretty those shoes are!

It can be overwhelming managing so much, particularly when a site has an e-commerce element and I'll be the first to admit that it has taken me a long time to get my head around that one. Gygo has really pushed my product photography as early on we knew the site needed to have a clean, fun vibe with crisp white back ground that really highlighted the work that went into these handmade items. GYGO has been a great label to work with and I have loads of work to keep sharing so for now I really encourage you to head over and take a look. As always I really appreciate any feed back so please leave a comment. Adios amigos x

pink miss sixties unboxed.jpg