Found: Green Suede Coat House of Denham

   I know I've probably already said but September is my absolute favourite time of year and with gorgeous weather we've been having recently it can't be hard to see why. This is also the time of year I start thinking towards my winter wardrobe, nights in and dare I say it...Christmas (I know, I know).

OK. Let's just not think about it for now and instead concentrate on something much nicer like what I've bought, found (and pinched) this September.

So I probably haven't shut up about this coat since I bought it last week and have worn it everyday since. It's a gorgeous lightweight transitional coat in forest green suede that goes with practically everything I own and was without a doubt my favourite purchase this month at just £2.50! It's miraculous to me that someone would consign such a beautiful garment to the thrift pile so I'm very happy to give it a new home in my wardrobe.

Next up I decided to take a bit of a plunge and not only order something from ASOS for the first time but make some pretty bold and on trend choices like this Cartarzi Wide Brim Matador Hat and another suede item (I'm a bit mad on it right now) over-the-knee flat boots. I can not over exaggerate how much I love these three items together. The coat is light enough for the weather, the boots keep my feet warm and the hat protects me from the brief downpours we keep having. Sorted.

Next I found something very familiar. From those of you who may remember me back in the days when I was blogging for Crooked Knitwear I used to constantly eye-up these tribal boots. So imagine my delight when I found them in a charity shop for just £2! Derby really is a small town.

Lastly I found 2 of my favourite board games in a friend's house and decided to re -home them. I have such great memories of playing these 2 games with my family when i was a kid and hope to spend some cosy winter nights in breaking out the ol'board games. Scrabble and Uno are firm favourites at ours and I don't mind saying I was pretty darn good too. x