Studio Life...


Guten Tag! I'm up bright and early today and eager to get down to the studio. Decided to do a little post about it since I've been there a week or so and am feeling quite settled now.  I love my little space for the next few months. It's got great light and plenty of space for me to potter about in. 

Note: Started writing this somewhere around Tuesday morning, its now Saturday afternoon.

No I didn't put it down and forget it. I've just been a little bit internet deprived this week (as those of you who know me will attest, this is my waking nightmare) and finding somewhere to work has been one hell of an infuriating trial taking up much more of my time that imagined. Hon hum... nevermind, logged on,  and ready to talk.

Photo by David Edge.

Photo by David Edge.

Ways of Seeing at The ArtsmithLIVE Gallery, Derby. 

So as I mentioned last time I submitted an entry to their Ways of Seeingcompettion which called for "...photographers who can express ideas and emotion". I was quite excited to submit as this really is the first time I've submitted work for exhibitionand I thought the hinterlands collection really fitted the brief. Unfortunately since I am still in Germany I haven't been able to attend which was a bit disappointing but I perstered a fair few people to go take a look and encourage every one in Derby to do the same.
 Forty artists have displayed their work so I would expect some real variety in how people chose to interperet the brief.  There is a closing events on April the 22nd where a winner will be announced and that person will have the opportunity to have their own exhibition. I wish every one best of luck of course but I also really hope it will be me as I think I am ready for an exhibition in my hometown. So if you find yourself in Derby and at a loose end please go check it out, I think prints are for sale at the end but I'm sure all the artist involved will appreciate the support.

New Studio @ Franz-Flemming Straße

Yep, that's right, like I mentioned at the beginning of this week I'm back in a new studio. It's a great space, as you can see by the photos it was relatively tidy this week, which it certainly isn't any more. It's quite a bike ride from where I am living at the moment so I wouldn't say I'm in a good routine with the place yet over the last week or so I've started to make it feel like home and the best thing is that without any internet or phone signal (ahhhh i know) I do get down to work without any distractions and have found it to be quite peaceful. 

Lastly, you have no doubt noticed that I've changed my website again! Why? I hear you ask.  Well, because after I looked on it on a larger screen i really didn't like it. i had struggled with this update. i felt like everything I tried was a repeat of what I basically had before and I got pretty frustrated with it. Fornuately Squarespace realeased some new templates and this one (Larges) is specifically for photography and I'm loving, as usual I'm stil playing around with it but so far I really like the new layout and capabilities. 

So that's about it for now. I have some really interesting things in the pipeline which i can hopefully tell you about soon but until next time...Auf Wiedersehen! Tori x