New! Fall/Winter 17/18 Collection - Part One


Hello Everybody!

I hope your are having an excellent Christmas season so far. Here at HoD I'm starting something of an advent myself (albeit a little off calander). Today I am launching the first products from our latest Fall/Winter collection.  This has been in the pipeline for sometime as one of the big things driving the rebranding of HoD is that I really wanted to create a vintage shop that is highly curated. I personally love capsule wardrobes and like to see things as a whole collection where everything can be mixed and matched. With our F/W 17/18 looks we really tried to think about where the clothes would be worn and tried to show you the potential of these great vintage pieces. The Backbone of this collection is knitwear and the juxtaposition of vintage and contemporary to create a standout capsule collection suitable for anyone this winter. 

Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas but what makes it new is how you put it together.
— Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera encapsulates something we've tried to attain. This collection utilizes modern and vintage pieces. In the above image we have a 90's Lambswoll sweater with a Felt Applique Motif, paired with a pair of wide leg trousers from Next UK (which actually belong to my Mum!), the Nautical Beret is a vintage flea market find here in Leipzig and the Italian Leopard Print shoes were the result of a trade with a fellow fashionista Clandestina. I love mixing the old and the new, and I love most of all, knowing the story (as much as I can) behind every item. 

You can't have failed to noticed but for the first time we are now doing menswear!

We have actually had a menswear section on our market stall for sometime. My mum used to work in menswear retail in the 80's for companies like the Tie Rack and Burton way back in the days when it was high end, high street. She has a great eye for it and I'm always impressed by how she can size a person just by looking at them, it's a gift! The ensemble above it a great winter look. The Kohle & Velvet Blazer is a fairly modern charity shop find from Derby, UK but I think it there's a romantic edginess to it, then paired with the totally retro 70's Teal & Navy Chequered Vest and the gold tie in the large 70's knot, it's just another level. I could totally imagine this being great winter  outfit that could transition easily from the office to the bar and those added layers will help keep you warm too!

So my plan is to release new items daily over the next month leading up to Berlin Fashion Week in January and so I don't go completely insane with boredom over the Christmas holidays (bah humbug....). I'll also be posting more in depth stories about the collection so you can just how it's all come together. Lastly I just want to shout out a big thank you to our super awesome and totally talented models Marusina Lane and Ali Niyazi and a super big thanks to Alex Fritsch Photography for the use of his studio and hisd very helpful tips and guidance (he even loaned us his shoes and one point!). 

Well, that's it for now. I hope you enjoy the collection and until next time. Auf Wiedersehen!