Welcome to my first post from Berlin. I have been here a few days now and I'm settling in pretty well. Decided to start as I mean to go on and get straight into some work so have mostly spent the last few days exploring the city and drinking tonnes of coffee.

As a freelancer, armed with with my laptop and camera I am always looking for interesting and friendly places to work.  When I first started travelling, there were these strange places called 'internet cafes' with rows of bulky pc's and breaking out your own laptop was regarded as unforgivably yuppy. I used to constantly hunt for decent places to work, grit my teeth at bad wifi connections and be ever a hawk-eyed scout for an available power outlet. Thankfully we've come a long way since then and when coffee culture collides with generation Y's entrepreneurship with our subversion of traditional hierarchies,  you get movements like Berlin's startup scene. 

I'm getting ahead of myself. I've been officially living here for 2 days now so I decided to a wander about and find some nice spots to get a bit of work done. My jumping of point is Friedrichshain so after a quick bit of research I inevitably headed over to Simon-Dach Str to start my day off with a spot of breakfast. 


  • Friendly Staff
  • Good Food
  • Quiet & Chilled
  • 5.66Mbps Connection
  • Good Location

This was a great place for breakfast. I actually came looking for TagoMago on a recommendation from another blog on the same topic but it seems it is no longer open for business so I tried the first place I fancied and was really pleased. The staff were friendly, helpful and were patient when I ordered in my basic German. There's a decent amount of comfy seating and at 11am it was quiet and chilled so I didn't feel in anyone's way. The food was delicious, it came really fast, was a good size portion and very reasonably priced. I can see it's not really marketed as an internet hotspot so while the internet wasn't lightning fast, I didn't have to share it with anyone which was definitely part of it's appeal. My only criticism is that the chilled electro music playlist was only about 10 tracks long and I eventually had to shift when I'd heard all ten tracks three times. Otherwise, it was a very enjoyable start to my day and I'd definitely recommend it if you staying in one of the many hostels nearby and want some peace and quiet.


I had popped in here for a coffee the day before and it was really, really quiet. I spent 20 mins talking to the nice Australian barista, the coffee was good and it's a bookshop so ticked my boxes. When I came back the next day with my laptop it couldn't have been more different. There was a lot of people sat working on their Macs. I just managed to get the last free table. The internet connection was terrible, I gave up in the end and the coffee was nowhere near as nice as the day before. It did have the best playlist of the day though, I heard some Nick Cave, Jeff Buckley and PJ Harvey although it was perhaps a bit too on the melancholic side for some. Granted I did get here at around 1pm but as a place to get  some serious work done I wouldn't recommend it. 


  • Excellent Wifi reportedly internet speeds of up to 240Kph
  • At the heart of Berlin's start up scene.
  • Great Coffee 
  • Offers Co-working spaces & tonnes of perks, conference rooms, apartments. 
  • Staff are busy but the website more than makes up for it  and told me everything I needed to know.
  • Fosters the creative and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Great place for networking.
  • 3 locations

At first St Oberholz is pretty easy to find as it's smack back on Rosenthaler Platz. This 3 story mecca to coffee culture and millenial hotspot is lively, modern and really, really busy. I have been very used to working alone in a quiet corner of my house for the past few years, constantly feeling too self-conscious to break out my laptop and actually blog, like, in public! So I find it immensly reassuring to see everybody at their laptops hard work. Not necessarily with anyone, but most importantly, not alone either. I realise I probably sound incredibly green here, but for someone straight off the boat like me. It's seems like a very sensible place to start.

Well that's it for today. I'm coffee shopped out for now but will no doubt be back with more posts and pics soon. x